Safety Parameters

Safety is the key to the success of any Outbound Training and Adventure Activities. We have taken all the measures to ensure the safety of the participants. The process to review safety measures is continuous with us.

All Equipment used for adventure activities are certified internationally under UIAA standards and is maintained routinely by our safety staff for its safety worthiness.

All our staff are certified, experienced and have undergone certificate courses for first aid, life saving, rafting and various adventure courses of reputed institutes. All our outbound trainers are certified in outbound facilitation and experiential learning methods.

We ensure Standard Operating Procedures are followed to implement strict safety measures. All equipment used by Rangiri Team is of high quality and facilitators are trained to adhere to safety rules. A fully equipped first aid kit accompanies at all the times. In an emergency we are linked with close by Government and Private medical institutions for emergency care. We can arrange on site doctor, on site ambulance and on site nurses or on call doctor on your request.

With all land based activities participants are given safety equipment. for all water-based activity participants wear a lifejacket whenever in the water. We take every precaution to make sure your team is safe and accident free. The associated risk of doing the outbound activities is minimised by our high safety standards.