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Relaxation and Meditation


The beauty of practicing meditation is that it allows you to “let go” of every day worries and literally “live in the moment.” People who meditate regularly report improvements physically, mentally, and spiritually. There are several different ways to meditate.


Yoga teaches us the ability to delve deeper into our mind and bodies to examine our reactions to life's challenges. This clarity helps us take on the challenges of daily life, so that we are able to remain peaceful and optimistic.   Learn how this applies at work as well.  We will explore individual poses, but also a series of challenging movements that are not possible as individuals, but requires pair work, or in some cases an entire team of people.


Mindfulness meditation (vipassana) can help you to relax body and mind, improve concentration and attention and develop insight into how you relate to yourself and others in your life.  Your team will learn how to meditate and get started on a home practice.  They’ll learn what mindfulness is and how to integrate it in daily life to gradually bring more awareness and less stress in everything they do.


Western medical and scientific studies are proving again and again what the Eastern health traditions have known for centuries.  When we breathe well, we create the optimum conditions for health and well-being.   Training ourselves to become aware of our breath in high intensity or stressful situations is the first step in helping us slow our breathing.   From here, they will learn some proven breath techniques to calm the central nervous system from the flight or fight response.